Sean DuBois





There is more to music than just sound

If there is any sentence to sum up my thoughts on music this would be it. It doesn't matter if I am listening to vinyl with a really close friend, trying to convince someone that noise music is relaxing or talking about music with a complete stranger. This is what I see as the beauty of music, the completely subjectivity of it. I love the irrational discussions I can have about it, it doesn't matter what band or genre I bet you someone is willing to defend its merit tooth and nail. This is why my undying obsession with music was born.

My love for music began at a very young age. My parents had a large collection of music and I was introduced to Brian Eno, John Coltrane and Pink Floyd early on. I also am part of the lucky few that were on the internet during the heyday of Napster, XDCC and Soulseek. I was introduced to lots of music by chatting with other people and grabbed tons of music that I would have never heard of on my own. I am not going to try and justify downloading the music, but it did cause me to spend lots of money on vinyl ten years later.

I recently started collecting Vinyl also. Its a rewarding, but expensive hobby. You can check out my collection on my Discogs. I have yet to find a new favorite record store after I moved, but am still looking. I try to avoid ordering vinyl online, while it does give you instant gratification nothing can compare to that feel when you find your grail in a crate of old records

My setup now



Right now I am currently using a AT-LP60 as a starter turntable, and it works well for my needs. I still have the factory stylus and belt on it, and don't plan on updating either soon. Its only flaw is the lack of a balance on the tonearm. I recently came came by a Marantz 1060 that has a dull stylus, it may have some other issues but I have yet to throw a scratched up LP on it. I may put some money into restoring this, or watch Craigslist to pick up a nicer turntable entirely


I have a Technics SA-310, it sounds great. It does run a bit hot though. I have no intention of replacing it, but if I see something nice come up on craiglist I will grab it


However, The prize of my collection is a pair of Energy 5.1e speakers. They sound absolutely amazing, the bass on them sounds rich but not forced. The tweaker on the right side is a bit damaged, but was repaired by the previous owner.

At this time my knowledge of audio equipment is lacking, but I hope to improve it in the near future. This hobby has been put to the wayside a bit because of a move and a new job, but I hope to pick it up in full swing soon.